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Top 5 Steps To Cure Sciatica Naturally

Dr.Nelson / January 29, 2018


Sciatica is a form of nerve pain associated with the sciatic nerve – a major never in your legs. Sciatica travels from the lower back, through your buttocks and through your legs. Sciatica is also associated with numbness, tingling and weakness on the affected leg. The condition is usually a symptom of several conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated lumbar disc and spinal stenosis or narrowed spinal canal. The commonest finding is compressed sciatic nerve with sciatica symptoms at the end. Holistic approaches targeted at treating the real cause relieves the distress resulting from the pain and helps prevent the disease from becoming chronic.

Determine the type of sciatica pain you have:
To determine the type of sciatica pain you have, assess the symptoms. Generally, sciatica is not a medical diagnosis – it is a symptom. Most people with sciatica experience lower back pain, constant pain on one leg or one side of their buttocks. Pain originating at the buttocks or the low back follows the sciatic nerve path and ends at the big toe area. The pain retreats immediately you start walking or when lying down. The pain worsens when sitting or standing. You might experience pins-and needles sensation. Weakness, numbness or prickling sensations are also common.

Get the correct diagnosis:
The correct diagnosis is important if you need the right treatment. Natural approaches can be necessary but are more effective when combined with medical treatment. Exercise therapy has to be designed to meet your specific needs. Make an appointment with your physician whenever you experience back pain. Some of the common causes of sciatica include herniated lumbar disc, degenerative disc disease, isthmic spondylolisthesis, pririformis syndrome and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Drink more water:
To treat sciatica naturally, you have to start drinking more water. Apart from being an excellent cleanser, water is known to minimize inflammation. Sciatica is not associated directly with inflammation; the pain is associated with inflammation. What’s more, the spine tissues contain water and you can strengthen the tissues by remaining hydrated.

Employ massage therapy:
Therapeutic massage improves circulation, increases endorphin levels and relaxes body muscles. Endorphins are pain relievers or the natural opiates of your body. The therapeutic massage you require to treat sciatica is trigger point myotherapy also known as myotherapy. The therapy uses the concept of specific areas or the trigger points on our muscles, which can be defused when pressure is applied for 5-7 seconds using knuckles, fingers or elbows. The trigger points become deactivated after the pressure is removed.

Natural stretching:
Your sciatic nerve is basically a fibrous tissue that runs from your spine into your feet. Irritations on various sites can cause the nerve to get stuck on its track. After adhesions have formed, the nerve does not move inside its track as it should. Adhesions on the sciatic nerve might cause that at times.
To benefit from natural stretching, you just need to sit at the edge of a table or bench and allow your two legs to hang freely. Now, bring the head forward, hunch the head and round the spine. That will place traction on your spinal cord and anchor the sciatic nerve around your lower spine.
Raise your leg so that it is straight. You should start off slowly and make swinging motions. If sciatica occurs immediately you straighten your leg, you have adhesions along your sciatic nerve tract.

Rebalance your spine:
Every home based sciatica treatment you select should end with removal of the underlying causes, which are fundamentally the spinal imbalances. The spine functions as a whole system and it twists and distorts from various small life traumas. Whether you are experiencing upper back pain, lower back pain or sciatica, the imbalance present on your spine is the underlying cause. The primary causes of back pain are the micro-traumas that have accumulated and caused imbalance.

Unless you will rebalance your spine, the normal daily activities will tire the spine continually and redevelop the muscle tension, poor joint movement, trigger points and inflammation that causes sciatica.
Lastly, pain is a manifestation of your internally diseased body. Yogic approaches focus on correcting the root causes of the pain. Therefore, by practising yoga on regular basis, you will be able to correct the imbalance between your body and mind and achieve better pain relief thanks to the mind-body sync.