Four Ways to Motivate Yourself to Shape Up and Lose Weight

You know you need to lose weight but just can’t seem to get yourself on the right track. You are tired all the time, can’t seem to get up the desire to tackle all your projects, and lack the energy to play with your young children. Some effective tips and tricks to help motivate you into becoming the vibrant person you want to be could include the following. 

Have a Side-View Picture Taken of Yourself

When you look in the mirror, you may believe you look just fine. There may be a few extra pounds maybe, but otherwise you think you look great. The secret is to take have a trusted friend or family member take a close-up side photo of your entire body. This distinct perspective may shock you into acting. This view will not only call attention to your midriff but also to your neck and face. Post this picture where you can view it every day. Better yet, put a photo in your purse or wallet so when you are tempted to eat a creamy dessert or have an extra helping of potato salad or fries, you will pull it out and pull yourself back abruptly. 

Recruit a Partner 

Sometimes enlisting the aid of friends or family members to buddy up with you can make all the difference. Just having someone to talk to while you are working out or running can help you extend your exercise times. Competing against each other in races, weight loss, or weight lifting can add incentives to your work-out routines. Knowing you are not alone in your quest to lose weight and live a healthier, more active life can also be a huge incentive. 

Add Music 

Choosing your favorite tunes and then listening to them while working out can also help you stay at it longer. Challenge yourself to listen to a set number of tunes before you stop your routines. You may be surprised at yourself when a popular song comes on, and you just keep on going so you can listen to the end of it. 

Re-Design Mealtimes 

There are several tips and tricks you can use at meals. Use a smaller plate, keep a food diary, slow down your chewing process, and/or make sure that half your food is fresh fruits and vegetables. Paying attention to what you put in your mouth and staying away from fast food and highly processed items will also assist you in your battle to get in shape and lose those unwanted pounds. Consider new weight loss products from Viance at to help you cleanse your body, lose the fat, and maintain your weight at a healthy level. Meal plans are also available to help keep you on the right track. 

Getting in shape and losing weight doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Following the preceding suggestions will make it fun and energizing. Combining all four suggestions can make your motivation extra powerful. Soon you will have the figure, the energy, and the maintenance needed to keep you fit and healthy.

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