5 Eye Trends to Try This Summer Season in Winnipeg

When it comes to the summer, it’s the perfect time to switch things up and get into the flow of the season. Whether you’re getting a new pair of shades at the sunglasses store in Winnipeg or trying out a totally new thing, like coloured contact lenses, there’s something for everyone to get into!

This year, let the warmer weather be your inspiration to try something you wouldn’t normally do. It’s the perfect time of the year to let loose and be a new you – the summer you! What would summer you do? Read on to find out about some great eye-centric ideas and see which of them appeals to you. Oh, sorry, we mean summer you!

5 Eye Trends to Try This Summer Season

1. Boxy black sunglasses.

Head on down to the sunglasses store in Winnipeg and see what’s going on! Boxy black sunglasses are the look to have this year, and you can get it at your favourite local shades store. They may even have the option to make it prescription – fancy, we know. Boxy black sunglasses like those worn by Kim Kardashian are all the rage and truly very in right now. Pair them with a jacket thrown over the shoulders for maximum celebrity impersonation style.

  1. Double coats of black mascara for the beach.

    When you’re going to the beach, you want to do your make up in a way so that it’s not overdone. Buckets of makeup comes off easily at the beach, so gallons of foundation smeared on your face is going to be the opposite of the look that you are going for. Buy yourself a new black mascara if you are not already in possession of one and apply one coat, wait, and then apply the second coat (make sure that it’s waterproof before you do this). You can also do your hair up cute, but just let your natural, sun-kissed beauty shine.

    3. Coloured contact lenses.

    Coloured contact lenses are a fresh way to change your look for summer! If you’re tired of dyeing your hair, switch up the iris of your eyes instead. If you’re normally brown or green, go blue! Or, change green eyes to lavender if you like. It’s a great time to jazz up your look and have fun trying something different for a change.

    4. Prescription sunglasses.

    Getting your shades made to fit your prescription is a genius move. It is the way to go when it comes to the summertime because often the heat or the dryness can really make wearing contacts uncomfortable. If you ever want the comfort of seeing without the discomfort of lenses in your eye on those extended summer days, consider getting shades at a sunglasses store in Winnipeg.

    5. Coloured eyeliner.

    Take your peepers to a new level of colour with coloured eyeliner! Coloured eyeliner really makes your eyes stand out and is a great night time makeup option to have. Bring life to an all black outfit with some teal, violet, or other colour of liner that will not fail to make your eyes pop. A little extra attention never killed anybody. So go ahead -try something new!

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