Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisible Braces

In recent years invisible braces have steadily grown in popularity off the idea of being able to straighten teeth without having a ‘mouth full of metal’ – as is the case with conventional metal braces. If you’re thinking about whether or not you should get invisible braces then it may help to understand its advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make an informed decision rather than rushing into it.


Needless to say the main advantage of invisible braces is that they are invisible – meaning that outside observers are likely to not even realize you’re wearing them. That can be great for confidence levels and self-esteem, which is often especially true for adults as there is an unfortunate stigma surrounding adult braces.

Additionally invisible braces consist of removable aligners that tend to be more comfortable as they don’t have any of the metal wires that are the bane of people with traditional braces. Because they are removable, invisible braces are also easier to clean – and you will be removing them during meals anyway so you can eat anything you want with no restrictions.


The one thing that you need to know about invisible braces however is that there are strict rules you will have to follow. The first of these is that you absolutely must remove them before eating or drinking anything aside from water, and will have to brush your teeth religiously after meals to prevent staining.

On top of that you need to ensure you wear the braces at least 22 hours a day, otherwise their effectiveness will be severely diminished. It is also important that you are very prompt with your dental visits, and change your aligners as prescribed.

In terms of cost, invisible braces are also generally more expensive. That being said the cost of traditional braces can vary quite a bit, so they may end up being fairly similar at the end of the day.

It is worth noting that in some severe cases, invisible braces may not be an option to begin with. That is especially true if you’ve had existing dental work done, or need to realign your teeth vertically. Because of that the first step you should take now that you know the pros and cons is to consult your dentist and

All in all if you feel you’re able to follow the rules and stick to the program then invisible braces are definitely an option that you should consider. However before you sell yourself on the idea you should first visit an adult orthodontics Fareham dentist for a consultation, so that you can find out if invisible braces will be effective for your particular situation.




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