How to eliminate odors in your house

In our daily life, we all know that encountering foul smell especially in your house is very unpleasant and sometimes you cannot seem to get rid of this annoying thing. I know that you do house cleaning very often but somehow these odors can still linger in and make us go nut running around try to identify the source of that.

Some people might just jump in to deal with anything that possibly creates bad smell like taking out the trash or bathing the dog. Some choose to clean and wash all things they can think of such as cleaning the room or washing sinks, tables…while many simply choose to use the best essential oil diffuser to mask the odors. You can navigate to to get more info about accomodation.

Today, I will share with you some solutions that helps lessen odors in your home effectively.


Remove the source of the smell

There is a fact that odor once created will spread in your house more than you even know, and when you realize it already so smelly. So, how to stop it makes more? Do anything that can possibly make the odor stop or prevent it from creating more.

Now, you need to quickly go to take out the trash, clean the fridge or bathe your dog… which are the most frequent source of foul odors. You might need to check the wall outlets or the air vent to find the smell’s root. I have once experience the disgusting smell of dead mouse. First I cannot seem to identify the source because this smell is all over the room.

However, when I go around carefully to check, I realize that this odor is most noticeable around the wall outlet. Then, I figure out that I need to remove part of the wall do deal with the source if I don’t want to wait months for it to go away. So my tip for you to avoid anything like my case is sealing the hole into the wall.

Mask the odors

Some people take the solution of masking the odor because it is obviously easier than washing or cleaning. There are many ways to do this, but using an oil diffuser is the most popular choice. It can clear the air and create a pleasantly fragrant atmosphere in your house.

Thanks to the diffusion, with just a few drop of essential oil can bring the therapeutic aromatherapy through rooms. It can not only replace the bad odor in your house but also help to promote restful sleep, boost mood and bring mental clarity.

Burning scented candles help to eradicate the smell as well but you need to remember that it is just a temporary way to actual deal the odor. More convenient ways to mask the foul smell is using freshener products or odor-absorbing gel.

Deodorize by cleaning

Vacuuming the room is the first essential step to start the process of cleaning to deodorize. All the carpets, curtains and upholstery need this treatment. My tip for a better and more effective carpet vacuuming is to sprinkle baking soda into it, let it still for a while to absorb and vacuum it thoroughly. Another notice here is making sure that you change the vacuum bag before start cleaning the odor areas.

Next step is washing hard surfaces, which can be quite tough for you but just think of it as a deep cleaning therapy for your house. This way you can get rid of the smell and clean your house shine at the same time.

Hard surfaces cleaning means washing all things like the floor, walls with glossy or semi-gloss paint only, tables, sinks… This process will not be quick but very effective to remove the odor if you choose to use some white vinegar to mix with the water when preparing to clean. You can also add essential oils like lemon or green tea for a better smell and providing extra help in combating odor because they have antibacterial effect.

For some difficult things to wash like wallpaper or flat paint, you can use dry sponge – a natural rubber that is very effective in cleaning dry surfaces. You can simply fold the sponge and drag it on the wall then if the first surface is dirty, you just need to fold it another way. You should get a new sponge to continue the work because trying to wash a dry sponge is a bad idea.

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