Drastic Makeover Overdue? Here Are 3 Ways to a New You!

3 Major Makeover Hacks – All Quick, Painless, & Legal!

Ready for an all new you? Or perhaps just a bit of extra zing without too much time or trouble? Here are the top tips for the quickest and easiest ways to revamp your look.

Lunchtime Booty Makeover

Are you wishing your butt was firm, round, and toned? If so, you’ve probably already tried a what seems like a million of squats, trying to turn your bum from lame to luscious. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the genetics that would provide us with the butt of our dreams, regardless of how much diet and exercise we try. You might think your only option is expensive, risky, painful surgery that requires a long downtime.

Fortunately, advanced technologies have now created a butt solution that doesn’t require surgery. In advanced bottom toning London clinics, experts use a combination of Radiofrequency (RF) and Ultrasound (US) Technology to provide safe, effective body contouring. By targeting layers of unwanted fat, under the skin, this technology melts away the fat without surgery. Built in cooling keeps the procedure comfortable while the operational wand is passed over the skin. Built-in cooling keeps the procedure comfortable with no downtime. You’ll be able to return to work right away. Visible results appear right away and usually a series of cosmetic treatments will provide the desired results.

Beyond a Haircut

Too often we think of our hair as the easiest way to perform a makeover without ever really stepping out of our typical comfort zone. If your hair has been caught in the same cycle of highlights and straightening, it could be time to make a bold statement. Go from long to short, consider extensions, or even go ultra-glam (and commitment-free) by trying a wig or hair pieces.

We all have the habits we develop that limit our willingness to try new things. Thinking of yourself as someone who only looks good in long hair, or straightened hair, or in your natural hair colour, eliminates too many options. Even our hairstylists are often unwilling to deviate from what we have now, in fear of their clients being upset by a drastic change. Keep in mind, it is only hair. It will grow back. It can be covered up by wigs, hats, and extensions if you decide you don’t like it so don’t be afraid to be bold!

Try a New Era

If your look stuck in time? We tend to find a clothing style, hairstyle, and makeup with which we are comfortable and stick with it. Perhaps it worked fine for you at the time, perhaps it never did. Time to take a step forward and rethink how your current style choices may be holding you back.

You may notice women in their 20s looking like they are in a time capsule from their days in high school. Women in their 30s may dress for college or be stuck wearing whatever they thought would make them look “professional” as they entered the workplace. Instead of looking fun, fabulous, and professional, they end up looking too old, too young, too frumpy, or simply out of date. Look around, you probably see many people like this. In fact, you may well be one of them.

Rethink your look, your wardrobe, and your makeup. Major department stores often offer personal shoppers who can help you find clothing and makeup that might work better for you. If you want to do it yourself, one step is to try on plenty of different looks, get a trusted, open-minded friend to help give advice, and keep trying options until you find some that work. You can try kick starting your evolution by embracing cloths out of the ordinary. One way is to try updated versions of cloths from other eras. Sampling a taste of rockabilly style, 1950s pinup girls, or disco diva can kickstart your style update and awaken your sense of style. Visiting events where different types of styles are on display is another way to branch out into new looks and challenge yourself.

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