All you need to know about cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is derived from a Greek word which means cold therapy. This is a treatment in which the patient is treated with extremely cold temperatures. Cryosauna is a treatment in which the patient is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for some time. There is a special chamber in which you have to stay for 2- 3 minutes. This hollow chamber is filled with liquid nitrogen and freezer air to cool it to a certain temperature.

Many of you might not know, but it is used to treat many conditions. Cryotherapy is first introduced by the Japan in 1978 to find the cure for arthritis. After the successful attempt, this technique was adopted by the Americans and now it is widely used to treat different problems. There are many centers that are now using this technique


There are many benefits of lowering the body temperature to this extent. One of them is on your circulation of blood. When the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, the blood flow from the heart is restricted to the limbs and is directed towards the vital organs. This sudden increase of blood flow makes the tissues healthy. If you have the problem of sore muscles and inflammation, you need to ask your doctor for cryotherapy. The reason is it relaxes the muscles and makes you feel better. This is why cryotherapy is used to treat arthritis and other related problems.

Another important purpose why most of the people are using this therapy is that it is the best way to reduce the pain. There are many people who are in constant pain and there is no permanent solution for that. This happens because they have damaged nerve endings in their skin which are constantly sending the pain signals to the brain. The best noninvasive method of treating this kind of ailment is cryotherapy. All you have to do is to visit your doctor for a cryotherapy session.

What happens in an IV cryotherapy treatment?

IV or intravenous is a therapy in which the fluids are inserted into the body with the help of drips and needles. This treatment is good because it helps to get a perfect balance of minerals and electrolytes in your blood. This, in other words, means good health too. This treatment is getting very popular in order to treat the issues of fatigue less and muscle problems too. It can also help you recover the weakness. Many people who get drunk in the night can also be completely recovered with the help of IV treatment. Doctors in cryotherapy, also use the IV therapy to treat cancer for prostate and skin in order to freeze the cancer cells.

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