5 Great Benefits of Getting Contacts in Vancouver

When it comes to your eyes, are you wishing for a change? Contact lenses can be a big shift for many people who have never worn them before. However, even if it’s been years and years of you adapting to life without having contacts, there is still time to check out these soft ocular assistants and invite them into your world.

There are obviously tons of benefits when it comes to getting contact lenses! They are also easy to obtain, as you can go to any Vancouver optician and they will check out your eyesight and write you a prescription. A Vancouver optician may even be able to order you contacts right there and call you when they are ready to be picked up.

Read on to find out about the many great benefits of contacts! Whether you get coloured or regular, monthlies or dailies, there are quite a few benefits to contacts.

5 Great Benefits of Getting Contacts

1. Being able to wear sunglasses whenever it’s bright out.

The worst part about not having perfect 20/20 vision is that you can’t really wear sunglasses if you are already wearing glasses. This actually is a huge inconvenience, especially in the warmer months. Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun by having contacts in and wearing sunglasses, something you can’t do when you have glasses on. If you’ve ever tried to put your sunglasses over your eyeglasses in your car in a desperate bid to dissolve the effect of the glare, you know what we mean. Be free and safer on the road, too!

2. Having an updated prescription.

While some of those eyeglasses that you have may be out of date slightly when it comes to prescription accuracy, your contact lenses will be up to date with a new prescription every time that you get them. So if it’s been a while since you’ve been to a Vancouver optician, they can check you out and write a new prescription so your contacts are exactly right for what your eyesight needs today.

3. Playing sports and working out better.

Contacts allow for freedom of movement and sight in sports that glasses do not. Especially when there’s a broad range of movement involved, you can have your glasses slip off or break. Avoid all of that by playing sports and working out with the ease that you always wanted. Sports and working out can be much more fun when you have contacts in and you can work out or play whatever match you want and not have to worry about the uncomfortable feeling of your glasses sitting on your nose.

4. Change your eye colour.

Let’s see your glasses change the colour of your eyes! You can always purchase coloured contact lenses, which will change up the appearance of your iris. Change your eye colour to blue, green, brown, violet, silver, and more!

5. No more pushing up your glasses.

Glasses can slide, so it’s great to have the option of wearing lenses instead of having to wear glasses by default. There are a variety of contacts out there, so stop pushing up your glasses and start experiencing the freedom of contacts.

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