3 Benefits of Remote Medical Record Entry

Simplify, the leading provider of outsourced medical reporting, offers you to discover the 3 main advantages of remote medical record entry.

Outsourced Medical Reporting: For More Flexibility

One of the benefits of seizure medical reporting outsourced and medical billing services is the ability to benefit from a writing help as well as timely and regular.

Between the reports of hospitalization, the reports of consultation, examination or even the seizure medical reports of operation, we have seen that the time devoted to the seizure can be consistent. This is an integral part of the organization of the service of the establishments.

The medical record entry thus has an impact on the resources of any medical establishment, especially if an unexpected or a slight disturbance appears. During a one-time peak of activity or an unexpected absence, this can quickly lead to an overwork of medical secretaries or lead to an accumulation of files and a delay in seizure of medical reports.

By offering yourself the help of outsourced entry of medical reports, you can adapt your input requirements and optimize the working time of your medical secretaries!

Outsourced Medical Reporting: A Financial Advantage

In addition to optimizing the management of your institution, entering medical report outsourcing is an interesting financial solution. With Simplify, you no longer need to hire or pay overtime!

Thanks to our independent secretaries you will have no administrative formalities to fulfill, no need also to invest in computer equipment or secretarial furniture and you will have writing skills.

In addition, outsourced medical reporting is flexible and adaptable to your needs, allowing you to take advantage of our services during the off-peak period. This means no extra expense as this could be the case with an employee’s position.

A high-quality, effective medical report

All types of outsourced medical reports are typed and formatted by qualified medical secretaries.

In order to ensure quality work, the reports are re-read and verified in full confidentiality by a medical student. In addition, we want to make our service as efficient as possible, which is why we have designed it to adapt to your work habits.

You can integrate Simplify into your patient management software. This gives you the choice of sending your medical report to your medical secretary or Simplify without having to do anything extra. Once the medical report entry and the proofreading are completed, you will find in the patient record the report with a layout that suits you. For more efficiency, the integration of medical reports by Simplify is done automatically.

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