Different kinds of Vestibular Disorders

The system of your body, which helps to maintain the balance and sys movement, is known as a Vestibular system. It consists of the brain and inner ear. This system help to walk in straight-line, see things straight and have a good observation but damage in this system can cause a problem, which is known as Vestibular Disorders. The very common symptom of this problem is dizziness. A person will feel like the world is moving constantly. He will be lazy and clumsy all the time. Will not be able to judge the road or place wherever he is walking. He will not be able to read and light because words will keep moving on the page or the sentences will be blurry. This problem is not very serious at first but if do not get treated on time it can get worse. Many people do not think that there is some serious problem with them when they feel dizziness so they do not go to the doctor. the biggest reason is that people are not aware of diseases, their causes, and symptoms.

There are many kinds of Vestibular Disorders. This article will help to understand some kinds of Vestibular Disorders.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

This is the very common type. This problem occurs because some small part of your ear has been moved to a wrong place. You will start to feel whirling or winning suddenly. The wrong movement of the part of the ear tells the brain that you are moving when actually you are not. There are some serious head movements, which can cause this problem. to know those movements, you will have to visit a doctor.


This problem occurs when labyrinth a structure of the ear get swelling. This is an infection and many people know about it. It will not cause hearing or see problems but you can feel a severe pain in your ear. This infection can also cause pressure, nausea, or fluid coming from your ear, pus and a high fever. This reason for this problem is a bacterial infection then the doctor will suggest antibiotics.

Vestibular neuritis

This problem can occur because of some other viral infection such as chickenpox or measles. In this problem, the nerve will send wrong information from your inner ear to the brain. This problem can cause dizziness with nausea, vomiting, and trouble walking.

A viral infection somewhere else in your body, such as, can bring on the disorder that affects the nerve that sends sound and balance information from your inner ear to your brain. The most common symptoms are sudden.

Meniere’s disease

This disease can cause many other problems such as vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss, and a feeling of fullness in the affected ear. This happens because some fluid travels in the inner ear because of virus allergies and other things.

It is not a good idea to ignore any kind of health problem. it is important that you go to a doctor as soon as you feel unhealthy. There are many good audiology clinics in the world such as Audiology Island. These people are the best in their work and providing all kinds of treatments related to Vestibular Disorders.


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